Game is slowing down for Mitchell Trubisky

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 12: Mitchell Trubisky /

As Mitchell Trubisky plays more, the game is beginning to slow down for him

When Mitchell Trubisky was announced the starter for the Chicago Bears, everybody knew it would be a slow process. Heck, when he was drafted it was known the light was not going to immediately click with Trubisky. Trubisky had just 13 career starts at the collegiate level. He did that in a system where he had to make easy reads. He was drafted purely off of physical talent and ability.

This has shown over the course of the first eight games of his career. Trubisky’s biggest issue has been his failure to make reads. He also has little pocket awareness right now, and his first instinct is to leave the pocket. However, after half of a season in the NFL, there are signs that things are starting to come together in his mental processing. His touchdown pass in Week 13 against the 49ers showed his improvement.

It is an eight-yard pass on a slant. Not the play that is going to make him Joe Montana. However, you can see in this play that the game is slowing down for him.  Watch below how he uses Dion Sims to manipulate three defenders and open up a throwing lane for Dontrelle Inman. Trubisky made the read on the linebacker, Brock Coyle, and once he broke for Sims, he made the throw for Inman.

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This is the mental processing and calmness to stand in the pocket to let things come to him that has not been shown in the first couple of starts to his career. Trubisky is only going to get better as he plays, and it really makes you wonder why in the world the Bears wasted an entire training camp, preseason and four weeks pretending that Mike Glennon was the starting quarterback.