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This is the number one need on the team. The Bears have the quarterback and the running backs, but they need help at the wide receiver. They can get that help in this draft.

If Chicago is smart, they will look to take a top receiver with their first pick in the draft. Granted, that didn’t work out so well the last time they did that (with Kevin White) but through careful evaluation and scouting, they should be able to find someone who will fill their need at wide receiver. They will want to find a player that can be their number one wide receiver and take over that spot immediately.

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There are some nice prospects at wide receiver coming into the 2018 NFL Draft. Alabama’s Calvin Ridley may be the top choice and someone the Bears might be interested in. A little further down the list is Ohio State’s Parris Campbell. They may also show interest in someone like Washington’s Dante Pettis. At any rate, the Bears need someone who can be a number one wide receiver and any of these three guys, plus a few others, could do that.

Should the Bears take a player at another position in the early rounds of the draft, there is talent in other places. But walking out of the 2018 NFL draft without some help at wide receiver would be a mistake for the Bears. It may even cost Ryan Pace his job. The inability to surround quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with quality receiving talent was a mistake that needs to be corrected in the draft next year or the Bears will repeat their woes from this season.

Working on the passing game is a must not only to win more games but to also help in the development of Trubisky. He will be a bust if the Bears don’t surround him with the weapons he needs to be an effective quarterback.