Chicago Bears: Breaking down Deon Bush at Lions

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Brandon LaFell /

How did Deon Bush look in his first chance at major snaps in 2017 for the Chicago Bears?

Early into the Chicago Bears Week 15 loss to the Detroit Lions Chris Prosiniski left the game with an injury. It had the team calling for second year safety Deon Bush to come in and take major snaps.

Last season, injuries led to Bush seeing the field more than anticipated. After the Bears glance at him, they decided to sign Quintin Demps and draft Eddie Jackson, telling you their thoughts on his long term value. Still, with plenty of time to grow between opportunities Bush was given another chance. Did he tae advantage?


The Lions hardly pushed the ball deep. When they did, it was situations away from Bush. In terms of coverage it was hard to knock anything Bush did that game. He was able to step in and play man, and play the middle of the field deep safety role as well.

However, one issue that he had was his recognition and understanding of the play. This was an issue that occurred when he came in for limited snaps last week. Below, you can see Eddie Jackson helping guide him after the motion.


Kyle Fuller also made sure to get him lined up correctly.

Run Defense

The ups of the solid coverage and downs of the poor recognition can be mirrored onto his run stopping performance as well.

Below is a promising play out of Bush. He recognized the run, filled the right gap, put his head in there and made the stop in the box. Bush is more of an Eddie Jackson style of safety in playing the deep field, so seeing him willing to adapt to this role and get himself into the nitty gritty of the ground game is promising.

However, he has still has some ironing out to do in his tackling abilities. Bush steps up a bit too far here, then has to fill the gap that Tion Green is hitting at a bad angle. He over pursues at the end and can only give an a flailing effort.

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Overall, you would likely come away from this start having the same thoughts on Bush that you would have come in having. Still, knowing what you have in Chris Prosinski, there is no reason that Bush should not start in the next two games.