Chicago Bears: Current NFL draft order

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 03: Mitchell Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 03: Mitchell Trubisky /

If the season ended today, where would the Chicago Bears pick?

Let’s face it, there is not much to play for in the Chicago Bears 2017 season. Most fans have already shifted their attention on the NFL draft. With that said, where would the Chicago Bears draft if they were picking today?

As of right now, the Chicago Bears would be picking sixth overall in the NFL draft. With a game against the Cleveland Browns, they could only climb and pick later.

Ahead of them are the Browns, the New  York Giants, Indianapolis Colts, 49ers and another Browns pick via the Houston Texans via the DeShaun Watson trade.

This is likely going to be the third straight season that the Bears are picking in the top ten. Even with a win against the Browns and in Week 17 it would be hard to see the Bears leaving the top ten.

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The Browns are likely looking offense with their picks. They need a quarterback and wide receiver combination of some sorts if they are giving up on DeShone Kizer and Josh Gordon. The Colts are truly going to go best player available. The 49ers will be an interesting spot. They need offensive line, but their left tackle is best their spot on the line. Most other offensive line positions can be found without the investment of a top five pick. Therefore the 49ers could a lot of ways with their decision. Especially if they spend big on the offensive line in free agency. As for the Bears, they could be in a spot to find an edge rusher thanks to the way the board breaks.