Pro Bowl is broken and stacks deck against Akiem Hicks

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 18: Corey Linsley
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 18: Corey Linsley /

The Pro Bowl should not be looked at as any source of credible judgement with how ridiculous the process is

All week we are hearing about how the catch rule is broken. How about this, the Pro Bowl is broken. The fact that is 2017 and we do not at least have a competent form of selecting some of the better players in the NFL is baffling. You look at the defensive players who made the team from the NFC.

At defensive end you have Everson Griffen, Demarcus Lawrence and Cam Jordan. On the inside you have Fletcher Cox, Aaron Donald and Gerald McCoy. Do not get it wrong, these are fine players and fine selections. However, do you notice something eerily similar with most of them? All but Aaron Donald play in a 4-3 and Donald used to play in a 4-3 and now plays in a very multiple defense that is switching over.

Akiem Hicks plays in a 3-4. He takes on gaps, and blocks that the other defenders do not see as often. It is a different scheme, and he has different responsibilities and motives altogether. When comparing Hicks to other 3-4 defensive ends, his stats add up favorably. When comparing him to 4-3 players, they do not.

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This, on top of the fan vote and the fact that Hicks, along with 20 other players will get a call is why the Pro Bowl is the easiest the most discredible argument to a persons resume in the NFL. It should no longer be considered for Hall of Fame candidacy until it looks in the mirror and understands that it is stacking the deck against certain players.