Pro Bowl Snub-O-Meter: Jordan Howard

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Jordan Howard /

Was Jordan Howard a Pro Bowl snub? We examine.

Jordan Howard didn’t make the Pro Bowl. That seems pretty impossible to imagine. How could a guy having the type of season that Howard is having fail to make the Pro Bowl? Let’s take a look.

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Let’s start with Todd Gurley of the LA Rams. Gurley was one of the running backs selected and is well-deserving. He is the best back in the NFC this season. He’s leading the conference in rushing and first downs. He has a solid YPC at 4.6. His team is in first place. He’s a no-brainer.

After that, the selections are a pair of teammates, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram from the New Orleans Saints. Kamara and Ingram are the best running back duo in the NFL and both have fantastic YPC averages. Kamara is 6.6 and Ingram is 5.1. They are the reason the Saints find themselves atop the NFC South and why the Saints have become a running team, rather than a pass-happy team with Drew Brees. But should a duo be considered over a single player’s accomplishments?

What’s amazing is the fact that Howard’s stats are better than both of them, he’s rushed for more yards and rushed for more first downs. Ingram does have more TDs than Howard, but Howard is in an offense that stacks the box against him and yet he continues to churn out yardage.

Howard is second in the NFC in yards behind Gurley, second in first downs behind Gurley, third in touchdowns behind Gurley and Ingram, first in runs over 20 yards, and in YPC, Howard’s in “only” 4.4 which is good enough for eighth.

Three running backs are on the roster and Howard should be second, yet somehow he’s not even third. This is a ridiculous oversight and one that should have Jordan Howard plenty annoyed.

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