Pro Bowl Snub-O-Meter: Eddie Goldman

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Was Eddie Goldman a Pro Bowl snub? We examine.

There isn’t a bigger supporter of Eddie Goldman than this writer. He’s been an anchor in the middle of the Bears defense all season long. He’s, at times, a dominant force that offenses need to concern themselves with and focus on where he’s located at all times.

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Goldman may not compile the most stats of defensive lineman because of his job on the field, but he still manages to make an impact on the numbers. Goldman’s job is to force plays away from himself and keep blockers off the linebackers. Despite that, Goldman has still tallied 1.5 sacks and 24 tackles.

The issue with Pro Bowl selections is that stats do matter. It doesn’t matter how well Goldman plugs up the middle of an offense, if he isn’t making tackles himself, he’s not going to get as much credit as he deserves.

Now, even the most ardent Goldman supporters are going to understand and appreciate that his season isn’t quite as strong as Akiem Hicks’ has been. If it’s difficult to make an argument for Hicks to be in over the three interior defensive linemen, it’s almost impossible to make one for Goldman.

Goldman has had a very solid season and is proving that the stamina issues of his rookie season are behind him and the fear that he was injury prone after missing 10 games in 2016 also seem to be proven untrue, however, despite his improvements on the field, he still can’t be considered a Pro Bowl candidate.

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