Chicago Bears Head Coach Making the case: Pat Shurmur


Who will be the Chicago Bears head coach in 2018?

The Chicago Bears are a few days away from moving on from John Fox. It is unclear who they have in mind to replace him, but they will explore their options. Over the coming weeks, we will look into a few coaches and make the case for, and against their chances of being the Chicago Bears new head coach. This edition will be Pat Shurmur.


Shurmur turned Case Keenum into a quarterback that could do just enough to be Super Bowl contender. He spent two years with Sam Bradford, and when healthy, we saw career highs out of Bradford. On top of that, he was with the Philadelphia Eagles from 2002-2008 as the quarterback’s coach. Over that span, Donovan McNabb had season featuring career highs in touchdowns and career lows in interceptions. His stint as a head coach in Cleveland did not go well, but Trent Richardson rushed for 950 yards and 11 touchdowns in the one season he had with Shurmur. That is 47% of his career rushing yards and 61 % of his career touchdowns.


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Shurmur went 9-23 in Cleveland. Still, compared to what the Browns are doing now, that is actually a manageable job. Shurmur also will be known for hitching career to Sam Bradford. He was with him as a rookie with the Rams, in Philadelphia and Minnesota. In Cleveland, his quarterback was Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden. Sure he will be handed Mitchell Trubisky, but those were his big decisions at the position. Maybe he is a better coach than a decision maker. That could be the difference between a great head coach and a great offensive coordinator.