Possible Wide Receiver Targets for the Chicago Bears in the Draft

TUSCALOOSA, AL - SEPTEMBER 16: Calvin Ridley /

The Chicago Bears need some help at the wide receiver position. They can get that help in the 2018 NFL Draft. Who could be out there in NFL Draft for the Bears to take?

STATE COLLEGE, PA – OCTOBER 10: Simmie Cobbs Jr.
STATE COLLEGE, PA – OCTOBER 10: Simmie Cobbs Jr. /

It’s easy to see that the Bears’ most needy position is at wide receiver. They struggled there, greatly, in 2017 and are heading into the 2018 season with very little at the position. Chicago will get Cameron Meredith back but don’t have much going on otherwise. It might be wise to re-sign Dontrelle Inman who will be a free agent next year, but he is not a number one wide receiver. Meredith may not be a number one receiver either.

The Bears need a true burner with the speed and skill to stretch the defense and give them something to think about. They don’t have that kind of player right now but can get it in next year’s draft.

Without digging into the details that much yet, let’s look at five wide receivers who might be good fits for the Bears. They may not necessarily be a first-round talent, right now, but they are players that could help the Bears and help them do better in the passing game than they are currently doing.

This list is in no order.

Calvin Ridley-Alabama-Ridley is the consensus number one wide receiver in the 2018 NFL Draft right now. He has the mental ability to remember his routes and run them well. He plays with good quickness which would be a huge plus for the Bears. Ridley has the speed to separate and should be a quick study. He just might be available when the Bears make their selection in the top ten of the draft and he would be their best wide receiver in a long time.

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Christian Kirk-Texas A&M-Production is the name of the game for Kirk who has been one of the more productive wide receivers in college football. He has the speed that you would want in a starting wide receiver and can stretch the field with that speed. Kirk has a lot of upside and in the right system, he may excel. He could easily go in the first round but would he be of value where the Bears pick in that round?

That has yet to be determined.

Simmie Cobbs, Jr.-Indiana-Sure Indiana isn’t a powerhouse and didn’t get a lot of press this year but there is one guy that stands out as a sure-fire NFL talent. Cobbs had a solid career at Indiana and his 2017 season as a junior was very productive. Cobbs caught 72 passes for 841 yards and eight touchdowns and showed well up against Ohio State. He did miss the entire 2016 season with an ankle injury but didn’t show the effects of it in this past season.

Could he be someone the Bears are interested in?

Anthony Miller-Memphis-If you like wide receivers that run good routes and can do something after the catch then Miller might be your guy. His 2017 season was very productive as he caught 78 passes for 1,212 yards and 14 touchdowns. There are some that feel Miller is a second to third round talent. But with a solid set of workouts, he could move up into the first round. He might not be a good talent to take with the Bears’ first pick but he could be a second or third round option for them in the draft.

Parris Campbell-Ohio State-Campbell may not have had a stellar season due to the lack of passing at Ohio State but he has a lot of potential. The problem is, some people may not want to base their evaluation on potential. They may instead desire to see real production. Sometimes players who are taken from potential don’t do as well but then it can also work in reverse. If Campbell has good workouts and can prove himself before the draft, then he may go high. He might be worthy of a late second to early third round selection.

The Bears could address their need for a wide receiver with multiple picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. At the very least, they need to take one early to help beef up the position. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky needs some targets to throw the ball to and continue his development. The Bears, overall, need to win. They must do something about the wide receiver position and the draft will be the best place to start.