Chicago Bears Head Coach Making the case: Matt LaFleur

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Mitchell Trubisky
CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Mitchell Trubisky /

Who will be the Chicago Bears head coach in 2018?

The Chicago Bears are closing in one life after John Fox. It is unclear where they will look to replace him, but they will explore options. Over the coming weeks, we will look into candidates being tossed around for jobs and make the case for, and against their chances of being the Chicago Bears new head coach. This edition will be Matt LaFleur


LeFleur has been coaching under two of the best hires of this past season for almost a decade. LeFleur started under Kyle Shanahan as a Texans assistant. From there, he followed Shanahan to Washington to be a quarterbacks coach for Robert Griffin and Kirk Cousins. After spending a year at Notre Dame, he was back with Kyle Shanahan for two seasons to be a quarterbacks coach for the Atlanta Falcons and Matt Ryan. Of course, that was enough to attract Sean McVay, the other stud hire in 2017, and make him hire LeFleur as the offensive coordinator. That is a lot of seasoning under some great mentoring. He may be ready to make that step, and he could join his friends in the young head coaching crew with Mitchell Trubisky by his side.


The big thing about McVay and his success is that he is pretty in control of his offense. So while LeFleur is the offensive coordinator, McVay is still calling plays. You see him drawing them up while Wade Phillips calls the defense. So while he is learning from great minds, he has not necessarily been given the authority to act upon his

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knowledge yet. Would he be a great play caller? Time would have to tell. He would also then be competing with the likes of Shanahan and McVay when it comes to putting a staff together. Can he pull his friends from those two? Does he have great options without the allegiance to those two? These would be questions the Bears would have to consider.