Chicago Bears request to interview Pat Shurmur, as expected


The Chicago Bears have added Pat Shurmur to the name of potential coaches that they are interested in

As Chicago Bears coach watch continue there is another name to keep an eye. The Bears are interested in Pat Shurmur, and requested to interview with him.

Coming from the same source, all interviews with Shurmur will be taken place this week. They will also be taken place in Minnesota.

Let’s be honest, Ryan Pace and Pat Shurmur probably talked on Sunday at some point. There will be a meeting this week, but there is already familiarity there. Shurmur was a clear candidate from the start for the job, and it is a good thing that the Vikings are telling them to get their interview in now.

If the interview goes well, the team can sit on Shurmur and wait out his playoff run. There is the small chance that the run helps Shurmur change his mind, but the promotion, and to a team and a quarterback like the Bears and Mitchell Trubisky, Shurmur just seems like a great fit.

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Of Steve Wilks, John DeFilippo and Shurmur, Shurmur may be the best fit for the team moving forward. He will have to come in with an idea for the defense, but he clearly will have a plan for Mitchell Trubisky.

Shurmur is a coach who has worked with Sam Bradford, and gotten the most out him over the years. Now, he is rolling into the playoffs with Case Keenum. Trubisky will be a new challenge, and barring health should be one that he can have similar and more success with over the long term.