Chicago Bears show patience, extend Ryan Pace

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears are latching onto Ryan Pace as their General Manager for the foreseeable future. They have extended Pace through the 2021 season. Is it a good idea?

There were plenty of reports coming out during the week that the Chicago Bears were going to hand over the keys to Ryan Pace when it comes to deciding who will be the teams head coach in 2018. That became very apparent during his end of the season press conference when news officially broke that his contract had been extended through 2021.

This makes it very clear that Pace is very tightly connected to this next head coach and his development of Mitchell Trubisky. He has three seasons. With a fifth-year option on Mitchell Trubisky contract in year four, the Bears will then have the choice as to move on from all three, Pace, Trubisky and the new head coach or tie them down for the long term.

This sets a very fine timeline for Pace to work with. The question would then be how high are his expectations. Would one trip to the playoffs in the next three years be enough to extend all three? Time will tell.

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For now, whether you like what Ryan Pace has done or not, he is here. It would take a failure of epic proportions by not only the new head coach but Mitchell Trubisky for the Bears to blow this up within the next three seasons. The Bears are going to see this plan all the way through and give it a firm three years.