Chicago Bears Stay or Go: Mitch Unrein

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 04: Mitch Unrein
CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 04: Mitch Unrein /

Should the Chicago Bears extend Mitch Unrein, or let him walk?

Mitch Unrein missed the final four games of the regular season with a knee injury. He is entering the offseason at 30 years old and is a free agent this year. Should the Chicago Bears extend Mitch Unrein or let him walk?


Unrein does not get the respect, but he was a stable piece on the front line. It can be worth noting that for another season he outperformed the hype of Jonathan Bullard and Roy Robertson-Harris. He started eight games and was a helpful member on the front when the Bears went on a run to start the season. On top of that, he has more experience at the nose than those two. Re-upping Unrein would basically mean having to leave the defensive line alone for the rest of the offseason.


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Bullard or Robertson-Harris could fill in for him over a full season and find a way to compete. He may have been better in the eyes of John Fox, and he was not a liability, but Fox has been known for stunting his own talent’s growth. That could be happening for those two due to the known floor of Unrein. Both are younger and cheaper with more upside. Unrein is going to come cheap, but not quite at the bare minimum. Someone will pay him low-end starter money. If the Bears truly see him as a fifth or sixth defensive lineman, they should just sign a veteran to the minimum or spend a late round pick on him.