Chicago Bears Stay or Go: Prince Amukamara

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 24: Prince Amukamara
CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 24: Prince Amukamara /

Should the Chicago Bears extend Prince Amukamara, or let him walk

Prince Amukamara started in 12 games this season and was healthy in 14 for the Chicago Bears last season. He was a pleasant addition and a solid signing by Ryan Pace. However, they only signed the oft-injured Amukamara for one season, making him a free agent. Was it the right decision, and a position they can replace in other ways, or will they have to re-sign Amukamara?


The case for keeping Amukamara is continuity. If you were to add a pass rusher to the defense, you could bring a very similar group back and compete with a better offense. That is a part of the reasoning in why Vic Fangio is coming back, right? Continuity. Amukamara showed no reason to move on from him. Adding another year in the scheme knowing where his safeties will be can only help. A player more physically talented may not even match his second-year knowledge of the defense. However, that would mean signing Amukamara and Kyle Fuller. Would they do both?


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If it is between Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara, they have to choose Kyle Fuller. Yes, Fuller will come at a heftier price tag, potentially twice as much. It still means bring back the better player. You can say what you want but Fuller is more valuable and if retaining Fuller means letting Amukamara walk, so be it.

You can also find another decent number two cornerback to fit into a Vic Fangio scheme. They can draft one, they can try to upgrade via the draft, they are not committed to Amukamara in any way. They hold the leverage and there a price where letting him walk makes the most sense.