Chicago Bears Stay or Go: Mark Sanchez

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 31: Mark Sanchez
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 31: Mark Sanchez /

Should the Chicago Bears extend Mark Sanchez, or let him walk?

Mark Sanchez was a third-string quarterback all season, and that was likely a good thing for the Chicago Bears. However, every team needs a third-string quarterback, should it be Sanchez?


As a third quarterback, he is actually an asset. Dak Prescott talked about his presence as a rookie, and Mitchell Trubisky said the same things about Sanchez as a friend and helper in the meeting rooms. We can joke about the butt fumble, but in his second season, Mark Sanchez beat the New England Patriots in New England. This is a guy who can tell stories and point things out on still images that others have not seen with their own eyes. Sanchez is actually valuable.


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Mike Glennon is going to either get traded or cut. What happens if Mitchell Trubisky fails out or gets hurt? Who is the team turning to? It isn’t Sanchez. If the team has to find a backup before the third string, the third string is not a priority. Sanchez will have the freedom to sign elsewhere, and another team with a rookie and inexperience at backup may want help in the same way. It is not like the Bears are going to rush or be hurt by him leaving while they seek a competent backup and feel out the landscape of Mike Glennon. There is a good chance that while the team is sorting out the backup spot that he latches on elsewhere, and the team finds another way to fill his void in those meeting rooms.