Alshon Jeffery delivers on guarantee?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 21: Alshon Jeffery /

Alshon Jeffery promised a Super Bowl. Looks like he delivered

One of the more interesting to quotes to come out of the Chicago Bears locker room came from Alshon Jeffery. Jeffery, the impending free agent was not even sure what team he was going to play for, but amidst questions about his future with the Chicago Bears, he made a bold guarantee. “I guarantee you we will win the Super Bowl next year,” stated Jeffery.

When he says he we, he means his team. His team just so happened to be the Philadelphia Eagles, and not the Chicago Bears. Call it luck, call it the curse of Alshon Jeffery, whatever happened, his outlandish statement without a clue as to where he was going somehow looks like a reasonable comment now.

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The question now is if Jeffery can full deliver that promise and win the Super Bowl. Going there is something, but if he not only goes there, but has a big game and wins it? Legendary call.

It would be funny to think of this quote had he ended up staying on the Bears. Maybe they would have made the Super Bowl? Most likely, the quote would have never popped back up again. Still, it is likely that even when Jeffery made that statement that he knew he had played his last game in Chicago. While he did not know where he was going to help a team win a Super Bowl, he probably knew he had a better shot there than in Chicago. For that, Jeffery was right in his outlandish statement.