Chicago Bears Statistical Breakdown: Quarterback

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 19: Mitch Trubisky
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 19: Mitch Trubisky /

How did the Chicago Bears stack up statistically at quarterback

With the combination of John Fox, Mike Glennon, and a rookie quarterback with 13 college starts, it was clear from the start of the season that team was not going to have a big statistical year at quarterback. They found their way at times, but overall it was not a strong year.

Mitchell Trubisky was a 59% passer with just seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. He threw for 2,193 yards, 6,6 yards per attempt. Obviously, missing four starts is going to affect his counting stats. Still, Trubisky was 27th in completion percentage, 24th in yards per attempt, 28th in quarterback rating and 31st in yards per game. There was shuffling on the offensive line, bad play calling, bad wide receivers, you name it. Trubisky also looked a quarterback with limited experience most of the time. The fact of the matter is that it is good the team got him in sooner because wasting time with Mike Glennon was just that.

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Mike Glennon completed 66% of his passes. That is the only thing he did better than Mitchell Trubisky. Let’s keep in mind that this is year four in the NFL for Glennon, and Trubisky is fresh off of one season in college. He had four touchdowns and five interceptions to go with 6 yards per attempt and a slightly higher passer rating than Trubisky. The fact of the matter is that Glennon is still a horrible decision and a huge red flag whether you support the Chicago Bears regime or not.