Chicago Bears Stay or Go: Cairo Santos

CHARLOTTE, NC - NOVEMBER 13: Cairo Santos /

Should the Chicago Bears extend Cairo Santos, or let him walk?

Cairo Santos spent just two games with the Chicago Bears before injury interrupted his season. Did he show enough for the Bears to try to re-sign and bring back next season?


What else do the Bears have at this position? How can they, of all teams afford to let anyone at all walk away at kicker? Seriously, what are they going to do if they do not bring back Santos. It is not like Mike Nugent was leaps and bounds better than all of the other poor kickers they have had over the past few seasons. If the Bears were smart, they would try to bring back Nugent, Santos and another camp leg to try to finally resolve this issue. Santos is a player who should be going back. They should not guarantee money, but he has to be in camp.

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He attempted two field goals for the Chicago Bears. He missed one. This is not some All-Pro kicker who caught an unlucky break. This is a kicker on his last chance, and injury might have done it. Maybe the Bears kicking issues is that they consistently are trying to sign on kickers who were just recently cut by other teams. Maybe they should explore outside the box when it comes to finding their kickers. Most NFL kickers have a bizarre story about finding their way into the NFL as it is. The Bears can put an end to the recycling of kickers by letting Santos and Mike Nugent walk. It is time to move, on from Cairo Santos.