Chicago Bears Stay or Go: Josh Bellamy

CINCINNATI, OH - DECEMBER 10: Josh Bellamy /

Should the Chicago Bears extend Josh Bellamy, or let him walk?

Josh Bellamy has been with the Chicago Bears for four seasons. While he has been an outstanding special team standout for those four years, he has been anything but that on offense. The only time you’ve noticed him on the field is when he’s dropping touchdown passes. Has he shown enough on special teams for the Chicago Bears to bring him back for another year?


With the Bears having constant injury issues for the past few seasons, Bellamy has shown his team value with the versatility he brings. Bellamy and Sherrick McManis are the two key special teamers. But when McManis went down with injury this year, and with the wide receiver position having injuries also, Bellamy had to fill in that role on offense. Subsequently the Bears were without their top two special teamers for most of the year, and it showed. I don’t believe any of Bellamy’s “stay value” for the team is on the offensive end. If the new Bears staff decides to bring him back I would imagine it would solely be for special teams.

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As stated above, Bellamy hasn’t exactly been a rock star on the offensive end. Bellamy has never had a completion percentage above 55% and he has never had a 400 yard receiving season. As for special teams, most of those spots get filled out with rookies and first year players. If the Bears do decide to let him leave, I see his role being filled with a rookie WR or CB that will contribute to the team on either side of the ball, along with special teams.