Chicago Bears draft scout: D.J Chark

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LSU has produced a lot of NFL talent at wide receiver. Is D.J. Chark next on the list? Does he fit on the Chicago Bears?

When looking at LSU wide receivers more than any, their stats always have to be looked at different due to the offense. Still, Chark has consistently been able to put up big plays down the field over the past two seasons. In 2016 he had 466 yards and three touchdowns. Last season he had 40 receptions for 874 yards and three touchdowns.

Does the tape show another LSU receiver who can become an NFL talent?


Age: 21
School: LSU Tigers


D.J. Chark is a big play threat. Last season, he averaged over 21 yards per reception. He has the size and speed to get deep. He is also savvy as a route runner in his ability to get space because of it.

Watch the play below. Chark sees the safety is debating breaking inside or outside. Chark makes a quick movement to sell that he is coming inside on a post route, gets the safety to break towards the middle and turns it up the field for a ton of space. The safety gets completely turned around.

The only reason the pass was not a touchdown was how underthrown it was. However, the poor arm talent Chark played with makes him excellent at adjusting to passes to make catches downfield and draw pass interference. These things will translate. He is a willing blocker and sells go routes well to set up comebacks as well.


Chark is not an established route runner. He has pretty limited tree. Chark does not really  goover the middle all that much. He is a touch higher than a one trick pony, but it is close. He also has a thin frame. Facing press man, if he gets jammed at the line of scrimmage it will be tough to think that he will be able to recover.

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