Chicago Bears Draft Scout: D.J. Moore

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 19: D.J. Moore runs against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on November 19, 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska defeated Maryland 28-7. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 19: D.J. Moore runs against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Memorial Stadium on November 19, 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska defeated Maryland 28-7. (Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /
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D.J. Moore put up 1,000 yards with four different quarterbacks in 2017. Could he be the steal of the draft?

D.J. Moore is an underrated wide receiver at this point in the draft process. However, his fit with the Chicago Bears could be a good one. What does he bring to the table?


Age: 20


D.J. Moore is a very technically sound and overall well-rounded wide receiver. He brings a plethora of skills that can translate to the next level.

Moore has the footwork and body fluidity to get himself open in the short passing game and down the field.

Watch his route work on the play below. He is baiting the cornerback with every step. First, he gives a shoulder fake inside to the sell a post route. Then, Moore steps hard to the left selling that he will go outside. The cornerback jumps and finally, he is able to get to the inside and breeze behind the cornerback that was giving him about ten yards of space.

The play below is your classic stop and go that he sells perfectly. Watch the feet.

Ball tracking

This play also shows a dynamic ability to track the ball. He burns the cornerback but an under thrown pass turned a touchdown into just a big play. However, watch as he is able to look back, change his strides, and go up and get a pass with the cornerback baring down on him.

He shows a tremendous ability to track the ball at all times. On the play below he is seeing press coverage. He gets off of the line, blows by the cornerback and tracks the ball towards the sideline. You may not be able to tell but that is a one handed catch.

Moore dealt with poor quarterback play throughout his time. He had four different passers in his last season at Maryland. However, that made him a better NFL prospect. He has the ball tracking ability, and also the ability to go up and get the ball in traffic.

As well as extend his catch radius to erase any accuracy concerns.

Moore also makes life easier on his quarterbacks. He is always fighting back to the ball and trying to extend routes to help get his quarterback any easy decision.

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Watch Moore see the over the top protection in zone and fight back to the ball. He finds the soft spots to move the chains.

On the play below it is third down and he is seeing one-on-one press coverage.  Watch this route. He knows where the sticks are. He sells the jump ball, creates separation with the curl at the sticks, fights back to the ball to make life easier for his quarterback, and to set up his ability to get around the cornerback after the completion.

He also showed the physicality to get away from that cornerback. The physicality shows as well in his after the catch running ability. This dynamic of adding him the screen game on top of tall of this is what makes him such a strong prospect.

Moore has three defenders falling all over each other as he runs away from their grasps. He takes off into the open field, evades another defender and uses the open field to score a touchdown.

The play below is an excellent effort by D.J. Moore. First, note that there are five skill players on the field, and four of them are to the right of the quarterback. To the left? D.J. Moore. Still, there are three secondary defenders on that side of the field. They are not adjusting away from him.

Still, Moore finds space, and breaks multiple tacklers before falling to the ground. This is a guy you want on your team.


Under 6′, Moore is obviously not at the size you would like him to be at. There will be times where this will limit him against certain cornerbacks, press coverage, and in the red zone. It makes the 50/50 passes tougher for him. He also could get better in terms of his body control on the sidelines when it comes to contested catches. His weaknesses are much more nit-picky than other receivers in this class.