Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Quenton Nelson

SOUTH BEND, IN - OCTOBER 28: Josh Adams /
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Quenton Nelson was the best guard in college football last season. Is he valuable enough to draft with the eighth overall pick?

Quenton Nelson was the best guard hands down in College football last year. He was a unanimous All-American. There are some who believe that he his the best prospect in the entire draft. However, with guard being a less valuable position, the question is, what pick is he worth it? Would the Chicago Bears draft Nelson at pick eight?



Nelson is a compact bulldozer. He is more square than round and built well with great strength. He has great technique to stand up his defenders and seal off lanes in the running game. In power running, there may not be a better guard prospect in the past five seasons. He is a strong pass blocker, he is built to start next season, and has the technique and strength for a long career of success.


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The weaknesses around him are what could turn him from a starting into an All-Pro if fixed. He is a decent mover but is a bit slow off of the line when it comes to pulling and moving off of the line. He is slow to get out in space. He also tends to break out and miss blocks. Being a strong pull blocker is one thing he will have to adjust on. He also has issues moving in pass protection and can get bullied when he is trying to move laterally while blocking.