Chicago Bears Free Agent Review 2017: Mike Glennon

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: The ball sails over Mike Glennon
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 10: The ball sails over Mike Glennon /

The Chicago Bears signed Mike Glennon to a three-year, $45-million dollar contract last offseason. Was it worth it?

The biggest question the Bears faced heading in the offseason last year was who’s going to be the starting quarterback? The Bears parted ways with Jay Cutler after 8 seasons. Now the question was are they going to sign a quarterback in free agency or will they draft one? Members of the media lost their minds when they saw what the Bears paid Mike Glennon. However, even though it was a three-year deal, everyone knew it was just a one-year rental. Glennon’s contract then worked out to be one-year, $16 million, which is about what the average QB makes in the NFL. After he gets cut, the Bears will have a cap hit of $4.5 million.

2017 Review

Awful. It seemed pretty evident from the first preseason game that Glennon wasn’t going to be the answer, not that he ever was going to be the long term solution regardless. Glennon’s sole purpose was to be a one-year fill in while Trubisky was learning the offense and adjusting to life in the NFL. He couldn’t even do that. After the four preseason games were over, it was obvious to everyone that Trubisky was the best quarterback on the roster. Understandably, Glennon was named the starter at the beginning of the year because Trubisky still needed more time. Glennon started the first four games, and if anyone reading this was able to watch all four of those games, Bravo! Because that was painful to watch. During those four games Glennon had a record of 1-3, threw 4 touchdowns and had 7 turnovers with a QBR of 25.4.

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Did he exceed expectations?

No. Most believed he would be the starter for the entire year and then cut the following year. While Glennon will be cut shortly, he didn’t even manage to start half the year. But coming to Glennon’s defense, I don’t know many QB’s that would have been successful in that John Fox, Dowell Loggins “run run pass” offense. Glennon is a great backup QB to have on any roster, but for only at about half the price he is currently making.