Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Hayden Hurst

COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 9: Tight end Hayden Hurst
COLUMBIA, SC - OCTOBER 9: Tight end Hayden Hurst /
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If a tight end like Hayden Hurst peaked the Chicago Bears interest would they draft him as an offensive weapon?

The Chicago Bears do not necessarily need a tight end. However, Hayden Hurst would be a nice fit for the offense if he were to be on their radar. What skill set does he bring and why could he be a solid addition?



As a former professional baseball player, Hurst is an athlete. South Carolina used his athleticism to make him a tight end that brought a mixed bag of tricks to the table.

How many tight ends do you see get the ball on an sweep? Hayden Hurst does and he turns on the jets to get upfield.

The one-handed catch while turning upfield for a touchdown is on the list of things that Hurst can bring to an offense.

On top of it all, Hurst is a strong route runner. He has quick feet and is able to move quickly in space to create seperation at three levels of the field.

For a player who is able to do so much in the passing game, his run blocking comes in at more than adequate as well, which is a much-needed bonus to his skill set.


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The glaring issue surrounding Hurst is that he is 24 years old. He is going to be a 29-year-old by the time his rookie contract is complete. That is old for a second contract, and at that point in some players careers, that is when they are peaking athletically. At what point is a player worth a pick when all you can guarantee to get is four strong seasons?

On top of that his in-line blocking could use a lot of work. He can perform in the quick blocks by picking up his man. However, holding blocks at the NFL level is going to be a completely different experience for Hayden Hurst.