Chicago Bears: Sam Acho Stay or Go?


The Chicago Bears will have some tough decisions to make on free agents this off-season. What might they do with outside linebacker Sam Acho? Should they keep him or let him go?

Sam Acho is one of the NFL’s good guys. He does a lot of good things off the field but what does he do on it? Is he effective? Should he be someone that the Bears consider re-signing before free agency starts this off-season? Let’s look at the numbers.

Acho played in a total of16 games in 2017 with 12 starts. He had 45 total tackles with 29 solo. Acho recorded three sacks; one pass defended and one forced fumble.

He will be 30 years old right about the time the season starts. He was never the fastest guy on the field, to begin with. Acho does have some moves that allow him to get to the quarterback and he is very athletic. Reliability is his strong suit however as he is consistent as the sun rising and setting.

What should the Bears decide to do with Acho?

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You can argue that right now, Acho may be the most consistent outside linebacker on the team. He is seldom injured missing little time, and he plays well on every down. He may not be as spectacular as a guy like Leonard Floyd but he’s very reliable and still has something left in the tank. On the field, he can provide consistency. Acho is a great veteran leader on the Bears’ defense and with some of the transitions that are happening, he would be a good, stable presence in the locker room.


Acho isn’t getting any younger and may have lost a step. He was still effective last year but if the Bears are thinking about bringing in younger talent at the position, which they most likely will, his days could be numbered.


Chicago is going to want some stability on the defense even though it’s possible not a whole lot is going to change. Expect them to resign Acho to one more one-year deal giving them a reliable veteran presence that will help give them some stability in 2018.