Chicago Bears Jordan Howard throws parting shot at Dowell Loggains

BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 15: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky
BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 15: Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky /

The Chicago Bears star running back Jordan Howard thought that the Chicago Bears offense was vanilla last season

This is not breaking news. This is not even shocking to anybody in anyway. The Chicago Bears offense was plain and predictable last season. However, when it comes from a players mouth, it is always worth paying attention to.

Jordan Howard was the man to admit it. He told the Chicago Sun Times:

"“We were pretty vanilla,” Howard said Thursday at Mall of America. “A lot of times people knew what we were doing. They would call (out) some of the plays. If it was a screen, they’d know when it was a screen. So the defense would be (yelling), like, ‘Screen’ and stuff.’ ‘… you’d be like, ‘Dang, they know what we’re running.’”"

Yes, it was as predictable on the field as it was off of it. Howard did cut his former offensive coordinator some slack, though. He talked about how the lack of options at wide receiver, combined with the rookie quarterback gave the former coaches no help when it came to spicing things up on offense. That is a very fair counter.

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However, Jordan Howard is also quite aware that the offense could have been better and more suited to a quarterback without being so predictable.

He mentioned that the Kansas City Chiefs offense looked fun, and that they always put their quarterback in a good position. Howard sees the offense being easy to interpret and run for his quarterback.

"“I definitely feel it will work well with Mitch,” Howard said. “I’m pretty sure they’re going to build it around him, which is what we need to do. I feel like they’re gonna put him in position to succeed.”"

During the season some fans made the comments that the players were in favor of bringing John Fox back, so it was a possibility. However, that was in the public eye. Yes, none of his players bashed him publicly while he was still employed. Still, these players knew as well as us that things were not working out well. Now that the staff is gone, Howard has no problem admitting that he thinks the offense will take a big step forward next season.