Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Sam Hubbard

COLUMBUS, OH - OCTOBER 7: Sam Hubbard /
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Pro Comparison- Anthony Zettel, Detroit Lions

Sam Hubbard is going to be in the NFL and he is going to have himself a decent career. Every once in a while, a player of his caliber is able to be placed in a position where his skill and role really show into the box score. That is what happened in the second season for Anthony Zettel. Do not get it mistaken, Anthony Zettel is a fine player for the Detroit Lions. However, Zettel is not an over the top athlete. Last season Zettel had 6.5 sacks. A few of them came unblocked off of the edge, but the rest came down to good hand usage, and an ability to beat a one-on-one matchup with better technique than his opposition. A 6.5 sack season is definitely out there for a player like Sam Hubbard as well. He can get on the field early, and produce these numbers early like Anthony Zettel did in his second season.