Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Tremaine Edmunds

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Virginia Tech linebacker Tremaine Edmunds is shooting up draft boards. Should the Chicago Bears draft him with the eighth overall pick?

Tremaine Edmunds went from a prized recruit to a defensive starter by the end of his true freshman season. As a sophomore, Edmunds exploded onto the scene with 94 tackles, 4.5 sacks, and an interception. In his junior year, Edmunds put up 108 tackles, 14 for loss, with 5.5 sacks. It is safe to say he finds himself near the ball. Should the Chicago Bears be going near him with the eighth overall pick?


Age: 19

School: Virginia Tech


Tremaine Edmunds has ridiculous size for his position. He stands out. He also moves extremely well for his size. Edmunds is able to shoot gaps quickly to blow plays up in the backfield.

Edmunds also has the ability to fight laterally through traffic and chase down fast down runners from behind.

For his size, he can be extremely dangerous in coverage as well. He moves well, can break quickly on passes, and has the instincts to make plays and cover space in zone, but also in man. Watch the play below how he is able to notice the receivers body movement and break not the ball before the quarterback starts to throw it.

Tremaine Edmunds also has the length and strength to disengage from blocks and continue to move laterally, and upfield with momentum.

That strength shows up on the goal line as well. First and goal from the three-yard line Clemson turns into third and goal after two runs with Tremaine Edmunds on the field. He blows first down up behind the line of scrimmage and saves a touchdown on second.


There are times where Edmunds can be slow to process. He makes up for a lot of instinctive deficiencies with his size, length, and athleticism. While he has made plays in man, like the one above, his abilities in that regard are still questionable. In fact, the best of his game is moving laterally and making up ground. When he puts it all together it is special. It has yet to consistently be put together yet.