Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Tremaine Edmunds

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Pro Comparison Jaime Collins, New England Patriots

Even in the NFL, it is tough to find athletes with the size of Tremaine Edmunds. The fact of the matter is that if Edmunds fills out, he will be even bigger than Jaime Collins. Still, as far as movers in space, with the amount of size that is represented, Collins is the best match in the NFL today.

Collins can play inside and outside 2-4-5 and in the WILL spot for 4-2-5 teams. That is what Edmunds can bring. The versatility to line up in a variety of spots with the threat to drop into coverage, rush the passer and defend the run is what the two bring. It also makes Edmunds an interesting matchup against tight ends.

The versatility, athleticism and size are the great strengths that he brings. Collins is a known NFL commodity because the game was able to slow down for him and he was able to ascend into one of the best at his position. The athletic traits have Tremaine Edmunds in a position to follow in those footsteps if he can pick up the speed in the same way.