Chicago Bears Free Agency Sign or Pass: Donte Moncrief

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Is Donte Moncrief the upside bet worth taking for the Chicago Bears in free agency?

Donte Moncrief thought he was getting drafted to play with Andrew Luck. Little did he know that as his career was supposed to hit its ascension, Luck was set for over a year of shoulder injuries. Moncrief’s stats suffered, and last season he caught just two touchdowns. Was he a bust or were his stats a product of the quarterback play. Should the Chicago Bears sign Donte Moncrief or pass?


Stylistically, Donte Moncrief is everything the Chicago Bears need. The team has possession receivers, but they have no one to stretch the field. They tried to find that with Markus Wheaton, Deonte Thompson and Tanner Gentry. None stepped up to the task. For four seasons Moncrief has extended the field and has done it well. When Moncrief has played with Luck, the two have had success. Moncrief missed seven games in 2016, but still finished with seven touchdowns. Between 2015 and 2016 he has 13 touchdowns in 25 games.

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Last season Moncrief averaged close to 16 yards per reception. He is 24 years old, meaning he has yet to touch his prime years. Moncrief is a fit, brings upside, and could come at a discount because of his 2017 statistics. Moncrief is absolutely the player the Chicago Bears should target.


Over the past couple of years, Moncrief has had lingering shoulder and hamstring injuries. He has also been extremely inconsistent when on the field. In 2016, with the majority of his targets coming from Andrew Luck, he hauled in just 55% of his passes. He is not a very physical receiver and is limited over the middle. There is risk attached to taking a shot on Moncrief.