Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Alan Lazard

AMES, IA - NOVEMBER 11: Wide receiver Allen Lazard
AMES, IA - NOVEMBER 11: Wide receiver Allen Lazard /
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AMES, IA – OCTOBER 28: Wide receiver Allen Lazard
AMES, IA – OCTOBER 28: Wide receiver Allen Lazard /

 Strengths and Weaknesses


Size is the thing you notice first about Lazard. He can compete with any cornerback on the field for the ball and has a height advantage over most of them. Lazard catches the ball well and is no stranger to the end zone. His production scoring touchdowns at Iowa State was incredible. Lazard can get open and can get deep to make the play. He highpoints the ball well and runs good routes.

Some of the other things that Lazard does well include having good hands and an ability to make plays. In addition, he has a lot of experience and can learn an offense quickly. He can also block well. Lazard just could come in and be better than any of the wide receivers Chicago currently has on the roster right now.

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There is a downside to every player and Lazard has some drawbacks. Perhaps his biggest drawback is his lack of speed. While some say that it isn’t anything serious, the ability to take the top off a defense is huge and Lazard won’t quite be able to do that. You couldn’t count on him being a number one wide receiver because of that. He has some concentration drops and will put a ball on the ground from time to time due to his hands. This doesn’t happen often. Lazard is not quick or sudden and some of his moves look stiff or strained.

Lazard is also not that creative after the catch and doesn’t get a good clean release off the line of scrimmage. He doesn’t have fluid hips or the hip twist you see when receivers turn out of the break and face the quarterback to catch the ball.