Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Will Hernandez

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Will Hernandez was a four-year starter for UTEP and became the most decorated UTEP offensive lineman in program history. Does he stand out as a guard of the future for the Chicago Bears?

Will Hernandez finished his college career with 37 starts, a hand full of All-C-USA honors and a second-team All-American nod. After a strong Senior Bowl, his momentum amongst draft standouts has risen. With a possible chance to see Hernandez on the board in the second round, does he fit what the Chicago Bears are looking for?


Age: 23
School: UTEP


Hernandez is a well-built individual with great playing strength and the physical size to hang around in the NFL. He is a vicious power run blocker who excels at finishing blocks and pushing lineman into the second level. Hernandez also brings good technique, and has had success with combination blocks, getting to up field, and pulling. Watch how he is able to read his block below, get to his spot, and seal off the run into the open field.

The combination of quick feet, understanding, and power is a great base when thinking of a draft prospect.


Hernandez may not have the most height or longest arms. Players can certainly overcome these deficiencies, but an offensive lineman with great reach is a major plus. Being without it puts him at a disadvantage. The key is to get your hands on the defensive player before he can get his on you. With proper placement and technique, you own the matchup from there. Hernandez had the lack of reach means slower players can still their hands on him and make the push.

It causes Hernandez to attempt to burst out of his stance to quick. This causes him to miss players and also lose out on leverage due to getting out of his stance at times.