Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Isaiah Wynn

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Isaiah Wynn
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 02: Isaiah Wynn /
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Is Georgia lineman Isaiah Wynn a fit for the Chicago Bears?

Isaiah Wynn was a guard prospect in high school who spent the early part of his college career at left guard. However, issues on the Georgia line forced him to move to left tackle later into his career. His size screams that he will be a guard in the NFL, but the determination to switch to help his team should be commended. Does he project to guard for the Chicago Bears?


Age: 22

School: Georgia


Wynn is a great mover and projects to a strong guard who can get up field and can pull. Watch the play below. He is able to drive, his defender off of the line. However, more than that, he is able to continue to move him down the field as he paves a way for the first down.

Below, Wynn is out on the move again, pulling a combination block. He is able to provide a push to seal off the left and get back right in order to pick up the linebacker and ensure the touchdown. Even as a left tackle, these traits will translate well to guard at the next level.

Wynn has great balance, and power and projects well to the NFL.


As a tackle, he may have been to small framed, as a guard, he is a bit longer and leaner. He may struggle getting leverage on lower, thicker NFL tackles and it could affect his power in the box. The switching and transition back to guard may take some time as well.