Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Carlton Davis

AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 25: Carlton Davis
AUBURN, AL - NOVEMBER 25: Carlton Davis /
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Is Auburn cornerback Carlton Davis a fit for the Chicago Bears?

Carlton Davis came into Auburn and started nine games a freshman, recording nine interceptions. As a sophomore, he started the entire season, although he dealt with injury and some of his production went down. Still, 2017 was his best season as he was named All-SEC. Where does that put Carlton Davis in the draft picture and is he a cornerback the Chicago Bears could be looking for?



As you can see he has the physical traits to translate to the NFL at outside cornerback. Carlton Davis knows that and brings that physicality to the field. He is a press cornerback who is not afraid to put his hands on the wide receiver.

In the play below, he is winning the physical matchup over the middle. He is able to stay close and overpower the receiver to break the pass up. Davis finished with double digit passes defensed in every year of his career.

Davis is also not afraid to stick his nose in the running game, either. Sony Michel is a back known for shedding tackles with his lower body strength. Below, Davis is able to step in and make the play in the box.

On top of his physicality, Carlton Davis plays with great intuitiveness. He has an understanding of where to go and what receivers are doing. In the play below, he is able to stay in phase as the two receivers split off. He did not get caught deep and was able to read the quarterback, and break on the ball.

With motion Davis is able to help redirect the defense, put his hands on the slot receiver, and break off of that route to play his responsibility in zone. He shut off the easy first down on the out. That motion and slot receiver running towards him would have thrown off a lot of cornerbacks, but he played it clean and forced an incomplete pass.

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Davis is very comfortable in reading the quarterback and staying discipline in zone. He is not going to fall for much down the field. The fact of the matter is that while his passes defensed is impressive, his ability to force the quarterback away from his option is his best attribute.


Davis does not quite have the footwork in space down. He can compensate for it at times, but quick passes over the middle and comeback and curl routes will be able to get to him.

In the play below, you can see the false step as he gets off the ball. He is watching the receiver, but widens his stance and jumps back a bit. This gives the receiver the ability to get the quick separation over the middle.

In the play below, Carlton Davis is a step slow to turn around, and the Missouri receiver is able to get separation. On top of that, notice how Davis pauses for a moment with the ball in the air. With his length and physical nature, he could still separate the ball from the receiver. However, he is a step slow to react to the pass coming his way as well.

The ball skills are another question for Davis. He is great in the short distances and jamming off of the line, but may not be the game breaker with the ball in the air. In the play above, he looks a bit lost as he he looses a step and tries to quickly find the ball. While he can press at the line of scrimmage, his best scheme may be zone heavy.

Davis can also be grabby at times, and was flagged for six pass interference calls in his junior year at Auburn.