Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Quenton Meeks

PALO ALTO, CA - NOVEMBER 25: Quenton Meeks
PALO ALTO, CA - NOVEMBER 25: Quenton Meeks /
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Is Quenton Meeks a fit for the Chicago Bears at cornerback?

Quenton Meeks was a coaches son and one that was well advanced for his age starting eight games a freshman at Stanford. Meeks started his next two seasons as well recording seven interceptions over the three seasons, and a career-high 61 tackles in his junior year. How does he stack up in this cornerback class, and is he a cornerback the Chicago Bears could be eyeing?


Age: 20

School: Stanford


Meeks shows as a nuanced and technically sound player. He plays with good understanding and smarts to set himself apart on the field.

In the play below, his ability to read the quarterback and react earns him an interception. He is able to make the read, branch off of his man and make the play on the ball towards the sideline.

Below, he sticks in his zone and shuts off a quick pass by design to confuse the cornerbacks. The play ends in a sack with his well-executed play.

Again, he is playing off coverage to allow for the comeback, knowing his linebacker is in place. His movement and ability to stop and change directions completely shut down the route and leaves no room to miss. Another play that resulted in a sack.

Meeks has the desired size and length to play against bigger wide receivers. He has good change of movement skills and run stuffing ability to go with his strong understanding.

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Two of the bigger questions with Meeks will be his hips and deep speed. Meeks did every event except the 40-yard dash and there could be a reason to that. His long speed is in question, and as shown below, he his also slow to turn his hips to move upfield with receivers.

The quick hips can also cause him issues in press. He is unable to hang with quick shifts off of the line and will have to guess at times to stay in front of his man.

It can lead to quick separation and situations where Meeks is trailing and does not have the speed to catch up.

In the play below, he is once again beat deep after failing to get his hands on the receiver. However, an underthrown pass puts Meeks back into play. Unfortunately, questionable ball skills in his recovery cause for him to miss the ball and allow the completion anyway.

His ball skills down the field are going to be another question. Jump balls and tracking may not be for him as he is usually just hoping to stick with his man.

Meeks is a player who would be better off in a zone-heavy scheme, where is able to keep things in front of him and play downhill, using his smarts to make well-timed breaks and plays on the ball.