What Allen Robinson brings to Chicago Bears

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Allen Robinson
FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Allen Robinson /
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Allen Robinson is expected to sign a big deal with the Chicago Bears this off-season. Can he have the impact of a number one receiver in the offense?

Allen Robinson was paid to be a number one wide receiver in the NFL over the next three seasons. In annual salary, Robinson ranks ninth, tied with Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas. Coming off of an ACL injury there are real questions as to whether or not he can be that top tier wide receiver that he will be paid to be. His most recent performance is so far in the rearview mirror it is tough to remember exactly what he can bring. After going back through his 2016 season, the fact of the matter is that at age 24, there is a great chance for him to bounce back into being a game-changing wide receiver.

Route Running

A skill that Robinson brings that should bounce back after the injury is his ability to run routes. For his size, he is a fluid mover with light feet. Robinson is smooth in his ability to move and does a great job of selling routes. Could some breaks be concerning? Maybe. But his smoothness and fluidity should overcome it.

Watch this comeback route. Every step is selling a different movement. His body moves fluidly as he gets the cornerback to open his hips and shut down the inside as he turns and accepts a curl route to the outside shoulder.

He is very proficient in being able to create space quickly off of line of scrimmage. He squares up the cornerback, breaks hard to the outside to cut upfield for a deep route. However, as he gets the cornerback to bite on the deep route, he is cutting inside. Look at the space he creates. No Bears receiver on the roster can do this.

The in route was a specialty for Robinson. He had 10 receptions for 123 yards and three touchdowns on inward breaking routes in the short passing game.

Robinson also has a diverse route tree. He is able to create with double moves and routes that involve change of speed and direction.

His footwork, body fluidity and ability to branch routes off of each other allow him to extend routes down the field and continue to create space.

Creating Space

Robinson is a fluid route runner, and also a smart one. In the play below, he is running across the middle of the field. However, he notices the defense is in zone and that the linebackers are all shifting with the quarterback to the right. Rather than continuing to move right with the defense, he stops in space and provides an easy target for his quarterback. There are a variety of ways that he can create without the ball.

Again, Robinson is able to sit down in the zone in the play below. He is open space. However, watch how as he continues to slide back to pick up extra yards behind him.