What Allen Robinson brings to Chicago Bears

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Allen Robinson
FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Allen Robinson /
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JACKSONVILLE, FL – AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson
JACKSONVILLE, FL – AUGUST 24: Allen Robinson /

Yards After the Catch

One thing that some are going to point to in terms of weaknesses that are in the game of Allen Robinson would be his ability to create after the catch. In 2016, he averaged 2.7 yards after the catch, one of the worst rates in the NFL. For comparison, Cameron Meredith averaged 4.7 yards after the catch in his last healthy season. However, creating after the catch is something that Robinson can do.

He can do it as shown above by picking up every last yard while he waits for the ball. He can also fight for yards in the short passing game. Watch the balance and strength to regroup after shaking the tackle and fighting for more.

However, he can also get loose in the open field. Do not discount his ability to gain speed an find space after the catch.

His ability to see and understand the defense shows in his ability to find space in zone. It also shows in his ability to create after the catch. Speed, vision, and body fluidity that his strong route running show in the play below. Robinson changes directions and moves into open space with speed and aggression.

Bad Passes

Arguably the biggest reason in which his yards after the catch were so low likely had to do with quarterback play. Blake Bortles improved significantly from 2016 to 2017. Understanding that and understanding that Bortles was still below average in 2017 can help recognize the issues in Robinson’s statistics.

Low yards after the catch and a low catch rate can very easily be chalked up to Blake Bortles more than Robinson.

The bounce pass was a pass attempt Allen Robinson saw all too often.

Robinson creates down the field but gives up on a route he sees flail into the sidelines. He severely undertows the second pass. Robinson fights back for a chance, but cannot overcome the poor pass.

Robinson again finds a soft spot in the zone. However, Bortles finds the sidelines and leaves Robinson hanging. 69% of intended targets to Robinson fell incomplete without Robinson even being able to make a fair attempt at the ball.

Almost Catches

In fact, in a game of inches, Allen Robinson could have been in an Odell Beckham territory of receiver had his passes not been so potently poor. Had Robinson held onto the pass below, he would have been a highlight reel superstar.

Bortles missed him deep, missed him short, he missed him over the middle of the field, and to the sidelines.

This was inches away from being a game-changing first down.

One thing that you can see from Allen Robinson in all of these failed attempts is a great catch radius and body control that can bring better statistics.