What Allen Robinson brings to Chicago Bears

FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Allen Robinson
FOXBORO, MA - AUGUST 10: Allen Robinson /
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Catch Radius

His catch radius kept some of Bortles poor passes in the ballpark, and also made Robinson a few extra completions. At 6’2″ with 32″ arms, he is going to have a wide radius to catch passes. However, Robinson is able to use every last inch. He explodes out of the gym and tested in the 87th percentile in the broad and vertical jump.  That combined, with his body fluidity and length, makes for him to a wide ranged target.

The play below is not only an incredible use of his catch radius but also a savvy job to create on the outside despite it being shut off. His hard step inside fakes the cornerback and gives Bortles a layup. Bortles misses, but Robinson saves the day.

Every last inch is needed to haul this pass in.

The catch radius to lay out and make the catch is on display. On top of that, he is able to get up, regain balance, and once again fight for extra yards after the catch.

He was somehow able to turn this pass into a completion. This is not just a great display of a massive catch radius, but also great body control to find himself in bounds.

Body Control

It shows in his route running and catch radius, but his body control is another elite quality that should show post ACL injury.

In the play below, he shows elite body movement and control. The cornerback is cutting off the sideline, pushing Robinson towards the safety in the middle. However, a hard shoulder fake to the inside sways the cornerback’s movement and frees Robinson up to the sideline. Robinson turns his body, tracks the ball and lays out quickly to make the diving catch in the nick of time.

The play below is another strong comeback route. He is able to sell the deep pass, get the cornerback committed to it before turning on him for great separation. However, watch his body on his break back to the ball.  He is in concert as he is able to get his body turned to find the pass. From there, he is able to find the football, control his body and make the sliding catch towards the sideline.

Below is another comeback route as he brings in a pass while he turning his body around. Timing was another weakness of Blake Bortles. However, Robinson was typically quick to adjust to awkwardly timed passes.