Chicago Bears Sign Chase Daniel

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 10: Quarterback Chase Daniel
CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 10: Quarterback Chase Daniel /

The Chicago Bears bring in another QB.

Mitch Trubisky is the Chicago Bears’ franchise quarterback. But with Mike Glennon being released and Mark Sanchez not capable of really quarterbacking a team anymore at this point in his career, the Bears needed a quality backup QB behind Trubisky.

Daniel looks like a good signing on the surface. He’s been in Kansas City in the past so he knows the Nagy system and every football guy on the planet loves Daniel’s potential to be a starting quarterback if he ever gets the chance. But he’s a quarterback that teams are never ready to commit to as a starter.

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Daniel was undrafted out of Missouri in 2009 but caught on with the New Orleans Saints and sat behind Drew Brees. The problem was Brees never was hurt. Daniel threw 9 passes during his time in New Orleans before switching teams in 2013 and signing with the Chiefs. Daniel started two games with Kansas City over three years going 1-1 and throwing for 476 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT in those games. Daniel signed on with the Eagles when Doug Pedersen came over thinking he had a chance to start there but Carson Wentz earned the job. Last year he returned to New Orleans to back up Brees.

Daniel may be a serviceable starter, but the problem is he’s never shown enough for a team to actually risk committing to him. Daniel is definitely a viable backup QB and if Trubisky does happen to go down with any type of injury, Daniel should be able to fill in capably.

The news that Daniel wants to be able to void the second year of his contract shows his desire to want to be a starting quarterback, most players with Daniel’s resume would be thrilled to receive a 2-year contract.

Daniel’s career is pretty remarkable. If he stays with Chicago for two years, he will be 33 years old and will have heard $34 million in the NFL. To earn that money, Daniel has thrown 78 career passes.