Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Josh Sweat

TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 21: Defensive end Josh Sweat
TALLAHASSEE, FL - OCTOBER 21: Defensive end Josh Sweat /
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Is Josh Sweat a fit for the Chicago Bears?

Josh Sweat was a highly recruited pass rusher, who had a solid career, but did not quite live up to his expectations. During his sophomore and junior years he combined for 24 tackles for loss and 12 sacks. Injuries factored into his career, but that could also make him a discount, similar to Eddie Jackson. Is Josh Sweat a mid round pass rusher worth investing into?


Age: 21

School: Florida State


Sweat has the ideal size and frame to really hit his stride in the NFL. He has good length and knows how to use it. He is a good mover once he gets going and can be a pass rushing threat. However, his best attribute is against the run. He does a good job of feeling where the run will go, and using his strength and length to dictate running backs paths. Take the play below for example. Sweat is not getting a tackle but is making the play in the backfield.


Sweat can set the edge and can get up field. His strength and awareness in the running game gives him a strong base to build on.

He also tested out of the gym. Give his main use of setting the edge, and injuries spread throughout his career, there is a good chance that in a different, more pass rush oriented role, that there will be a lot of talent to uncover.


Sweat is not quick off of the ball. Even in the play above where he blows up a run in the backfield, he is the last Seminole moving on the line. That time it takes to rev up may not be able to translate to the NFL. He had a bad knee injury during his senior year of high school and had a meniscus injury in 2016. There is a question as to whether or not he will get that quick step off of the ball. His motor is off and on and this limits him in the passing game. He has a lack of counters, and that, combined with a slow get off could make him an easy read. The question will be consistently getting a pass rush out of Sweat in the NFL.