Trey Burton Contract Update


Trey Burton officially has signed on to play with the Chicago Bears. What are the updated terms to his deal?

After his verbal commitment in the legal tampering period, Trey Burton announced that he has officially signed his contract to play with the Chicago Bears. Burton was a third tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, but showed plenty of upside in limited opportunities. What are the details of his contract, and now that the terms are out, how does the deal look?

Contract Details

Burton signed on for four years and $32 million. $7.5 million will be a signing bonus, and $22 million was guaranteed. He was guaranteed $18 million at signing and will average $8 million per year as annual salary.

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This season, the cap hit for Trey Burton to the Chicago Bears will amount to $5,675,500 million. In 2019, his cap hit will be $8,675,000 million. After the 2019 season, the Bears will be able to get out from the Burton contract without much issue if he does not live up to their hype.

His 2020 cap hit would be the same as 2019. However, if released, the team would save close to $5 million against the cap. His cap would go up to $8,975,000 million in 2021. However, if released, the team would be able to save over $7 million against the cap.

National Reaction

Grade: B

You could certainly argue that $8 million over the next four seasons is a lot for  a third tight end. However, the team is betting on the upside of a former quarterback transitioning to a newer position. If he does not pan out, it will only hurt them for two seasons. There is some risk, but overall it is a bet worth taking.