Chicago Bears: Updated Top 8 Mock Draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
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player. 30. . QB. Wyoming. Josh Allen. 3

As mentioned, the Jets had to know the Giants were working to get out or were working to take a player they were not quite as interested in. The Jets move up to three signified that they were comfortable with their guy being there. Their guy may just be Josh Allen. Allen is a gunslinger with a big arm. He is Christian Hackenberg on steroids. The Jets front office is probably head over heels in love with Josh Allen.

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No matter the player it is now tough to assume anything other than QB, QB, QB shapes up the first three picks. A lot of people see Saquon Barkley in the mix, but nobody values running backs like that. The Eagles just won a Super Bowl with a three-headed monster, and the Steelers are scared to death to pay Le’Veon Bell beyond this season. No one is sacrificing years of assets to trade up for a player who will be a top five paid running back for five seasons and then look for a raise.

A quarterback in the top three of a draft does not crack the top 20 highest contracts. It opens a huge window to build a team around a cheap quarterback. That is a better bet than having a small window where you have to adjust around a heavy running back price tag. Do not fall for the report, a running back is not going in the top three this year.