Chicago Bears: Updated Top 8 Mock Draft

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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. QB. Oklahoma. Baker Mayfield. 4. player. 32

If quarterback dominates the top three, and most see it as a big four of quarterbacks, do we really see any team willing to wait until pick five to take the fourth one? No chance, especially considering the Broncos could easily be interested in quarterback. The Browns are once again in the driver’s seat for a trade back. While that team has a variety of needs, the value of a quarterback-starved team knowing they need to move up is going to be impossible to pass on. They are likely going to be picking twice in the first round again next year because of this. They move back to 13, get future picks, and get a second rounder and mid-round pick this year. The Browns can package some mid rounders and get into the early second round, or late first round.

The Cardinals signed Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon. They have two mentors that cannot play quarterback. They do not have a quarterback. The Cardinals are going to be desperate and the Browns in the perfect spot at the perfect time. This plays out perfectly for the Bears as four picks are done, and all of the best non-quarterbacks are around.