Chicago Bears: Updated Top 8 Mock Draft

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8. Chicago Bears-

Thanks to the help of the quarterbacks, the Bears will end up with one of the five best players in this draft class. Sitting at pick eight, and the way the board fell, the team should be looking into; Minkah Fitzpatrick, Harold Landry, Denzel Ward, Roquan Smith, and Tremaine Edmunds. Let’s see how each fits

Minkah Fitzpatrick: Fitzpatrick would come in instantly as a slot cornerback. In nickel situations, he could slide into a linebacker role of sorts, and take on tight ends and running backs. However, for the most part, this would make Bryce Callahan expendable. It adds an impact starter at a position of need. The question is how valuable is a slot cornerback who can jump into a linebacker role at times? Fitzpatrick would have more value as an outside cornerback, but that is not what the Bears need. There may be more valuable fits available, even if he is the best player around.

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Harold Landy: Landry fills a huge need, pass rush. That is also a position of value. You could argue behind the quarterback, a pass rusher is the next most important position in all of football. With that said, being the third non-quarterback off of the board would be a reach for Landry, even despite the positional value. Landry had injury concerns in 2017, and while he tested like a top ten pick at the combine, may not be a top ten pick because of his question marks.

Denzel Ward: Ward could also be the top player on the Bears board. While he has the skill to play on the outside, his size shows him to be dominant in the slot. Compared to Fitzpatrick, he is more finesse with quick feet, whereas Fitzpatrick will play with power as a better run defender and blitzer. Still, an outside cornerback is worth a top ten pick, it is questionable in the slot. Ward and Fitzpatrick could be the top two talents, but with Kyle Fuller and Prince Amukamara back, they will be tougher to justify.

Roquan Smith: Smith might have the least flaws in his game of all of these players. What you see is what you get with the Smith. He is going to play fast, and he is going to be instinctive. He can be a leader of a defense next year, and next to Danny Trevathan, he can be everything the team wanted from Jerrell Freeman. Smith does have some injury questions and is a bit smaller framed. However, the league is moving to a smaller, faster, sport and Smith should be the change into the next era that is needed.

Tremaine Edmunds: Essentially, the team should be debating between Smith and Edmunds. While Smith wins with instincts and quick processing, Edmunds wins with freakish size and athleticism. On top of that, he is still 19 years old. His combination of physical skills and age projection make him quite possibly the highest upside pick in the draft. He has issues with processing but also has the versatility to play inside and outside. Ryan Pace is likely enamored by his versatility, as that is something that had the team giddy over Leonard Floyd. Having a young, high upside player who can rush the passer and roam sideline to sideline in space is really hard to pass up. If the team wants stability, they should take Roquan Smith. However, if they are shooting for the stars, a versatile athlete like Tremaine Edmunds is the best bet.