Is Allen Robinson recruiting Allen Hurns to come to Chicago Bears?


Is Allen Robinson trying to get a former teammate to join up in Chicago?

The Chicago Bears offensive overhaul is truly something impressive. The Bears had arguably the worst offense in the NFL last year and it appears that in 2018, as long as Mitch Trubisky develops, the Bears offense has the potential to be very good.

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If you’ve looked at the Bears wide receiving corps, you’ve noticed that they are still one receiver short of a traditional group of six. Allen Robinson and Cameron Meredith (assuming the Bears match any offer) will start while Taylor Gabriel will also see plenty of snaps. Kevin White will get one last opportunity to play and will be used in sub packages and Josh Bellamy will be the WR6 that is used primarily on special teams.

The Bears are still missing one more receiver that can be used in sup packages and spot start potentially if the Bears have some injury issues. That spot is presumably going to be taken by a rookie wide receiver that the Bears will select in next month’s draft but the Bears could potentially sign a veteran as well.

Is it possible that veteran could be Allen Hurns? Anything is possible. Hurns was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars and Allen Robinson immediately took to Twitter.

Allen Hurns responded.

This, obviously, could mean nothing. It could just be two friends on Twitter having fun. But it could be one friend making a public statement to try to get the other to his new team. Before you dismiss it too quickly, check this out.

It appears the Bears are in fact interested in Hurns. Truthfully, Hurns as the WR4 in Chicago doesn’t make a lot of sense for him. While he would be a valuable asset as a fourth wide out, for Hurns personally, it certainly seems to make sense to go elsewhere to a team that is probably willing to pay him more and a team where he will see more targets is Chicago’s suddenly competent receiving corps.

Cam Meredith is visiting the Colts. Ryan Pace may be getting himself in position offer Hurns a contract if the Colts offer Meredith a hefty sum and the Bears choose to go another direction. It’s still a guessing game, but after a busy start to free agency, it doesn’t appear Pace is ready to rest yet.