Under new NFL rules, Zach Miller Caught the Ball (What we all knew already)

NEW ORLEANS, LA - OCTOBER 29: Zach Miller /

The NFL has a new catch rule and as it turns out, Zach Miller caught the ball.

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The final play of what is almost certainly the end of Zach Miller’s career was awful and remarkable all at the same time. Miller made a leaping touchdown catch in the corner of the end zone. When Miller landed, he twisted his leg which caused massive vascular damage. He needed emergency surgery to save his leg. As scary as the injury was, to make matters worse, the catch that could have fueled a Bears’ comeback was ruled incomplete.

The NFL’s catch rule has been ridiculous for several years. In 2018, it reached a fever pitch with the amount of ludicrous stances the NFL took. It got to the point that former and current players just threw up their hands and gave up trying to figure out what was actually a catch.

Hopefully the new adapted rule isn’t easier to interpret and more logical. The fact that receivers no longer have to “survive the ground” is definitely a good thing. There was rejoicing around the league, including a certain (former) Chicago Bear tight end.

Miller’s attitude is the right one. Miller caught that ball, even with the old rules. The ball never touched the ground like the NFL claims it did, and the fact that they didn’t admit the mistake and had Head of NFL Officiatig Al Riveron make that video where he’s literally pointing at nothing and claiming that it was the ball on the ground was ridiculous. But the good news is, at least now, even the NFL admits that Zach Miller caught the ball.

Logic is finally winning at the NFL level. The catch rule finally may make some sense. Zach Miller’s catch would stand as a touchdown, even though, quite frankly, it already should.