Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Marcus Allen

STATE COLLEGE, PA - OCTOBER 10: Marcus Allen /

The Chicago Bears have one Penn State safety on the roster. Could they add another in safety Marcus Allen?

After seeing snaps in ten games as a freshman, Allen became a three year starter through his season senior year at Penn State. As a sophomore, he put up 81 tackles. He led his team with 110 as a junior, and had 71 as a senior. How do his skills translate to the NFL and how could he fit with the Chicago Bears?


Age: 21

School: Penn State


Marcus Allen is a heavy hitter. He is a monster downhill and can close gaps in a hurry. He is quick to diagnose the run and forced five fumbles in his career. As show below, he sees the running back out in the flats. He is able to blow by the blocker and lay out the running back, resulting in a safety.

Even from further away, he is closing the gap and making a play in the box. He is a strong form tackler who can use brute force to make his impact. It makes him a proficient asset making plays in the box.

He can also separate the ball from the receiver in the passing game. He uses his force to set the tone in all phases. Marcus Allen was a team captain, and his mentality resonated with the team.


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Allen is not bringing much in coverage. He is slow in his release, and is much quicker in diagnosing the run. Marcus Allen is also much more proficient moving vertically compared to laterally. He does not always take the best angles, and can beat on plays to the sideline. As shown below, he is reacting and not thinking of the traffic between him and the ball. He could have cut off the back before the first down, but had to re-route, and surrendered the first down  because of it.

Allen is a tight-hipped player who is not proficient in man or against quicker receivers when working out of the slot. He may end up best as a sub package linebacker.

Fit For Chicago Bears

While the Bears have Adrian Amos and Eddie Jackson, and are happy with that, their depth is filled with young and unproven players. Marcus Allen is an interesting fit for two reasons.

To start, he is going to be a special teams asset. While the team brought back Sherrick McManis, and have some special teams talent, Allen is going to have a role instantly. He also can get himself a role in the defense next season. In dime and nickel situations he can be an option to step onto the field and move a potential starter in Nick Kwiatkowski off of the field. Allen can defend bigger tight ends and can stand in the box to help with the run. He can also blitz from the linebacker spot and make a huge impact on third down.

He is a better locker room option and more refined talent than the depth of the safety group. Allen could be an option for the Bears in the middle rounds.