Chicago Bears Bring Back Orange Jerseys- But Why?

CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 13: Corey Graham
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 13: Corey Graham /

The Chicago Bears are bringing back their orange jerseys, but why?

The Chicago Bears are very excited these days. They’ve got a new coach, they’ve got a young up-and-coming quarterback and they just made quite a splash in free agency. But another announcement has emerged this week and the team seems just as excited about this.

It started with this tweet:

The cryptic orange heart with the orange sleeve profile pic. After that, the Twitter barrage began:

The Bears Twitter feed also includes retweets of Akiem Hicks, Pat O’Donnell as well as some interaction with NBC and the fans. The team has gone fully in promoting the new alternate jersey, but I have to say- why?

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Call me an old curmudgeon, but I have never been a fan of the third jersey. It’s strictly a money grab and completely unnecessary. Because of the jersey sales generated by each team, there’s no point to even debate if the alternate jersey should exist. It’s going to exist, whether complainers like me want them to or not.

So if you are going to wear an alternate jersey which forces you to wear a near perfect jersey, the Bears’ home navy jersey, less than every time, which is a shame, why turn your offensive linemen into pumpkins?

The orange jersey is an eye sore. It’s too bright and it takes away from watching a game on television. The orange jersey takes over, it’s all your eyes can notice. It’s just unnecessary. There is no better word to describe it. The Bears alternate jersey should still feature navy and keep it more in line with the team’s look. The Bears look more like the Cleveland Browns than the Chicago Bears when they wear those things and that’s never a positive.

The orange jersey is back, whether you like it or not. Orange Trubisky and orange Robinson jerseys are going to be flying off the shelves. The Bears are about to make a pile of cash, so if they make Adam Shaheen look like an orange bell pepper, so be it.