Chicago Bears Draft Scout: Troy Fumagalli

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When it comes to blocking, Fumagalli is well adept at it. He takes good angles when making blocks and sustains them He is very tough on the line of scrimmage and isn’t afraid to get in there and contact defenders. Fumagalli gets off the line and into his routes well getting up a good head of steam as he makes his way into the secondary.

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Fumagalli can quickly adjust to defenders that are trying to take his primary routes away and isn’t afraid to go over the middle to catch a pass. The lack of an index finger on his left-hand doesn’t have an impact on his ability to catch passes. His strong hands make up for any issues he might have with that.


There are times when Fumagalli doesn’t get into a long stride and takes short choppy steps. If he were to widen his stance more and lengthen his stride, he would get down the field even quicker. He has been observed drifting while running his routes and can go off course. There are times when Fumagalli will struggle keeping contact with defenders while blocking and isn’t a great athlete but still has some decent athletic ability. He will struggle against quicker and more powerful defenders at the line of scrimmage.

Fumagalli lacks lower body strength and size that’s ideal for an NFL tight end. He may have to bulk up down below to get stronger. The leg drive needed to block effectively and move defenders off the ball is what he lacks so getting stronger there will help him out. Finally, he wasn’t overly productive at Wisconsin, but you can attribute that to their run first philosophy and the lack of a strong passing game.