Chicago Bears: Rashaad Coward changes position to guard

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Chicago Bears Undrafted Free Agent and former Nose Tackle Rashaad Coward is changing his position from defensive tackle to guard

THIS IS A SIGN THAT THE CHICAGO BEARS ARE NOT DRAFTING QUENTON NELSON. At least it got your attention. That is to the point where some people are in draft season when they see a blurb come across the wire.

However, a minor news story but a bizarre twist overall arose today when Matt Nagy mentioned that Undrafted Free Agent Rashaad Coward would change from defensive tackle to guard.

We saw Coward as a decent fit in the competition for the back up nose tackle position, with John Jenkins. If you had to argue which position had less depth overall, guard or nose tackle, it would likely be nose tackle. Remember, the team is bringing back Eric Kush. Still, there must be a clear sentiment overall that Coward is not going to work out at that spot.

His draft profile had him pegged as a more aggressive player. The Bears clearly like his aggression, but do not like the way he uses it on that side of the ball.

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Harry Hiestand is the new offensive line coach and has a lot of people buzzing about the impact he may have on the line in the long term. He has been a strong coach with a long background. If he sees something from Coward when Coward is taking on his men, you have to trust his opinion.

It would be nice to see Hiestand make a backup out of him, and if he somehow turned a starter out of him, even if it took three or four years, it would be a remarkable feather in his hat. Either way, we will be tracking his offseason progression now with the news.